For a research paper or article to reach international readers, it has to be written in English language, which the most widely accepted language for academicians. We do understand that English is not the native language of a majority of students in Germany. Our resourceful editors and translators will help you transform your document into a polished document in high quality English.

You can submit the document in your native language. Our teams of professional scientific and technical translators will transform your manuscript with the use of correct academic English. Our translators have extensive experience in research writing and translation, and have themselves framed many research papers. We have with us translators for the following language –

  • Chinese
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Translation is subject-specific and involves attention to details. Our translators and editors are experts in their area of study, and we ensure that we assign you a translator who not only understands your native language but is also an expert in your field of research. The editors accurately translate the content, including terminology specific to your field. When your paper is returned to you, it will be at par with papers written by native English scholars.

Papers that are sent to us for availing translation service will be sent to a translator in your area of study, a managing translator, a subject-expert English editor, and a managing editor. We are extremely sincere in our efforts of making sure that there is no gap left and no data is misinterpreted; and we can proudly say we have been 100% successful in doing so. Send us your documents at and we will translate them in the best possible manner.