Research in any field is not limited to a specific region or country. We know very well that English is not the language of communication in many nations, as in Germany. However English is the only accepted language for any academic communication at an international platform. Thus non-native researchers, with English as the second language, find it extremely challenging to get their work noticed and published at an international level, as their papers are often rejected due to improper use of language.

In-spite of the ESL writers being reasonably knowledgeable about their work and the content of their documents, they might not be adept in bringing the flow in the article. Even if they do understand the basic mechanics and working of English writing, they will need help with the fine points to make the document structured and in-flow. We understand that papers written by ESL clients require more than formatting and grammar corrections, and a sharp eye for details. It is but obvious that the ESL writers will need assistance with the vocabulary and the transitions between sentences, linking of the paragraphs and structure of the chapters.

Our editors will carefully read through all the documents and correct mistakes. They also check for use of authentic content. Our editors know that they will be required to invest more time when they take up the assignment of editing an ESL client’s paper as the entire manuscript is checked with minutest details to make the document perfect. Also, we at our end are in touch with the ESL clients through emails to get feedback; as this ensure that the core content of the work is not lost in due process of editing. ESL scholars must send their documents to us at